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Let Us PIC: A Datasheet Approach for PIC Microcontroller

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting To Know :
Components List
Overview of Embedded Systems
Quiz 1: Basics of Embedded Systems
4 questions
Introduction To PIC Microcontrollers
Quiz 2: PIC Microcontrollers
4 questions
Embedded Systems Development Cycle
IDEs and C Compilers
Software Installations
Quiz 3: Development tools
4 questions
Microcontroller Programming Languages
C Program Structure
Functions in C
C Operators & Control Statements
Test 1: Module 1
12 questions

General Purpose Input Outputs (GPIOs) :
Hardware Setup
Device Configuration
First PIC Project: LED Blink
Cloud-Based IDE
Play with LEDs
3 questions
Open Drains and Weak Pull -ups
Seven-Segment LED Interfacing
Up Counter
1 question
Switches and Debouncing

External Interrupts :
External Interrupts
Peripheral Pin Select in PIC
Practice for Perfection
1 question
INT and PPS with MCC
Interrupt on Change
IOC with MCC
Configurable Logic Cells- Example of two interrupts
16x2 LCD Interfacing: Basics
16x2 LCD Interfacing: 8-bit Mode
16x2 LCD Interfacing: 4-bit Mode
Keypad Interfacing: Basics
Keypad Interfacing: Part 2

On-Chip Peripherals :
Introduction to ADC
Interfacing Sensors using ADC
Introduction To Timers
Timer0 Demos
Timer0 for ADC Auto Conversion Trigger
Timer1/3/5 Module
Timer2 Module
Timer2 as Gate Source for Timer 1
Capture Mode in CCP MOdule
Reaction Timer using CCP
Compare in CCP
Pulse-width Modulation(PWM) Module
PWM Demonstration

Communication Peripherals: UART, I2C & SPI :
Basics of Serial Communication
EUSART Module in PIC
PC to PIC Communication: Part 1
PC to PIC Communication: Part 2
Introduction to I2C Communication
2-Wire Serial EEPROM