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Learning Perl by Example

Video Introducing this tutorial

Perl Introduction
Perl Introduction

Perl Overview :
Perl Features
Perl Scripts

Scalars :
Scalar Data - Numbers
Scalar Operators - Numeric/Logical
Scalar Functions
Scalar Interpolation in Stings
Scalar Print
Scalar Operators Arithmetic
Scalar Operators Logical
Scalar Operators Comparison
Scalar Quiz

Arrays :
Arrays and List Data
Array Operators
Array Elements
Array Slice
Array Functions
Array Contexts
Array Transforms
Array Merging
Array Quiz

Hashes :
Hash Operators
Hash Quiz

Control Structures :
Control Stuctures - Blocks
Control Structures - if/else
Control Structures - if True/False
Control Structures - if/elsif
Control Structures - while
Control Structures - do
Control Structures - for
Control Structures - foreach
Control Structures - last
Control Structures - next
Control Structures - redo
Control Structures - LABEL
Control Structure Quiz

Basic Input/Output :
Basic Input/Output
Basic Input/Output - <>
Basic Input/Output - STDOUT
Basic I/O File
Basic I/O - File Operations
Basic I/O - File Usage
Basic Input/Output Quiz

Pattern Matching :
Pattern Matching - Regular Expressions
Pattern Matching - Character Patterns
Pattern Matching - Common Constructs
Pattern Matching - Grouping Patterns
Pattern Matching - Greedy Patterns
Pattern Matching - Anchoring Patterns
Pattern Matching - Examples
Pattern Matching - Variable Interpolation
Pattern Matching - Read Only Variables
Pattern Matching - Substitution
Pattern Matching - Split Example
Pattern Matching Quiz

Subroutines, Functions, Modules :
Subroutines, Functions, Modules
Functions - Calling
Functions - Returns
Funtions - Arguments
Functions - Sub Arguments
Functions - Internal Variables
Functions - Program Variables
Packages - Namespace
Packages - Qualifiers
Modules - Libraries
Modules - use Function
Subroutines, Functions, Modules Quiz

Built-in Operations / Functions :
Built-in Operators / Functions
Operators - Quote, Miscellaneous
Operators - List
Operators - String
Operators - Files
Operators - References
Operators - Dereferences
Operators - Process Management
Built-in Operators Quiz

Object Orientation :
Object Orientation
Object Package
Object Creation
Object Inheritance
Objects Destructors
Object Orientation Quiz

Project - Perl Sockets :
Perl Project - Sockets
Sockets - Server
Sockets - Client
Sockets Quiz

Project - Perl Database :
Project - Perl DBI and SQL
Create DB
DBI - Update and Select

Wrap Up :
Wrap Up