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Learn To Create WordPress Themes By Building 10 Projects

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Intro :

Building a Simple Theme :
Project Intro
Installing & Setting Up Wordpress
Required Files & Head Code.
Looping Through Posts
Single Post & Thumbnails
Pages & Menus
Widget Locations & Comments
Building a Simple Theme Quiz
6 questions

Creating an Advanced Theme :
Project Intro
HTML Template Part A
HTML Template Part B
Theme Setup, Navbar & Header
Displaying Blog Posts Part A
Displaying Blog Posts Part B
Archive & Search Results
Post Formats Part A
Post Formats Part B
Pages, Custom Templates & Sub Navigation
Theme Widgets
Custom Homepage
Comment Functionality
Creating an Advanced Theme Quiz
5 questions

Photo Gallery Theme :
Project Intro
Homepage HTML & CSS
Animation & Photo Page HTML
Theme Header & Footer
The Post Loop
Displaying Post Content
Category Widget & Search
Single Post
Photo Gallery Theme Quiz
5 questions

Wordstrap Theme :
Project Intro
Index, Header and Footer
The Post Loop Wordstrap Theme
Navbar & Widgets Part A
Navbar & Widgets Part B
Search & Single Post Page
Comment Functionality
Wordstrap Theme Quiz
4 questions

Foundation Ecommerce Theme :
Project Intro
Ecommerce HTML Template Part A
Ecommerce HTML Template Part B
Theme Setup, Logo & Navigation
Custom Showcase Widget Plugin
Sidebar Widgets Setup
Main Product Posts Page
Single Product & Single Page
Foundation Ecommerce Theme Quiz
5 questions

Business Theme :
Project Intro
Business Theme HTML & CSS Part A
Business Theme HTML & CSS Part B
Business Theme HTML & CSS Part C
Navigation and Custom Logo Upload
Adding Customizer Sections & Settings
Implementing Customizer Settings
Theme Widget Positions
Blog Index Page
Single Posts & Comments
Business Theme Quiz
5 questions

CleanCut Theme :
Project Intro
Website HTML Template Part A
Website HTML Template Part B
Website HTML Template Part C
CleanCut Theme Setup & Menu
Showcase & Social Customization
Banner & Animation Control
Blog Posts & Custom Query Part A
Blog Posts & Custom Query Part B
Single Post & Comments
Pages & Sub Navigation
Post Formats & Bottom Widget
CleanCut Theme Quiz
5 questions

WPNews Theme :
Project Intro
Ink HTML Template
WPNews Theme Setup & Menu
Main Post Loop
Custom Query Loops
Single Post Page
Archive, Search & Pages
WPNews Theme Quiz
5 questions

FourCorners Theme :
Project Intro
FourCorners HTML Template Part A
FourCorners HTML Template Part B
FourCorners HTML Template Part C
FourCorners Theme Setup
Homepage Posts
Blog, Archive & Search Pages
Single Posts, Pages & Widgets
Gallery Posts
FourCorners Theme Quiz
5 questions

Dynamo Theme :
Project Intro
Dynamo HTML Template Part A
Dynamo HTML Template Part B
Slideshow & Tabs JavaScript
Dynamo Theme Files & Menu Setup
Homepage Posts With Slideshow & Tabs
Blog Page & Single Posts
Color Customizations
Dynamo Theme Quiz
5 questions

Course Summary :