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Learn To Code Trading Card Game Battle System With Unity 3D

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Introduction to This Course
How to Watch This Course

Cards :
Introduction to Section 2
Creating a Card Template with Unity UI
Simple Decorations
Creating a Face Side for a Spell Card
Creating a Card Back and Adding Beautiful Text Outlines
Card Rotation
Editing Cards with Scriptable Object Assets
Applying the Visual Appearance from a Card Asset onto a Single Card
Card Glow and Creature Cards – Part 1
Card Glow and Creature Cards – Part 2

Battle Scene Visual Layout :
Introduction to Section 3
Simple Dragging Script
Advanced Dragging Script
Creating Card Previews – Part 1
Creating Card Previews – Part 2
Making a Creature Game Object
Making a Mana Pool – Part 1
Making a Mana Pool – Part 2
Making Player Portraits – Part 1
Making Player Portraits – Part 2
Creating a Burning Rope Timer
Creating a 3D Deck with Variable Thickness
Assembling the Battle Scene Layout
Organizing Cards and Creatures

Preparing To Introduce Logic Scripts To Our Game :
Introduction to Section 4
Separating Visual Presentation from Logic
Introduction to Command System
Command System – A Use Case Scenario
Applying Visual Looks from a Card Asset onto a Creature
Using Character Assets to Create Class Cards
Applying the Info Stored in Character Asset to Player's Portrait
Damage Effects – Part 1
Damage Effects – Part 2
Targeting System – Introduction
Targeting System – Troubleshooting and Testing
Message Manager

Basic Game Mechanics :
Introduction to Section 5
Adding All the Remaining Scripts
Assembling Game Logic and Deck Shuffling
Dragging Scripts and GlobalSettings.cs
Turn Manager Script
Rope Testing and Unity Events
Card Scripts and ID System
Creature Script
Configuring Player Areas
Table Script
Hand Script
Command System – Scripts of Individual Commands
Decision Making in Dragging Scripts
Testing Card Draw
Testing Playing Creatures and Dragging Attack Target
Testing Start Game Sequence
Testing All the Basic Game Mechanics

Advanced Game Mechanics :
Introduction to Section 6
Spell Effects and Hero Power Effects
Creature Effects – Part 1
Creature Effects – Part 2
Game Over Condition and Restarting the Game
Computer AI
Player Class: Detailed Overview – Part 1
Player Class: Detailed Overview – Part 2

Bonus Section / Downloads Section :
Saved Projects
All Scripts
Additional Materials

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