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Learn to Build Web Apps Using Cake PHP

Introduction :

Getting Started With CakePHP :
Getting Started With CakePHP Intro
CakePHP Overview
XAMPP Server Setup
Installing CakePHP Using Composer
Creating & Connecting to a Database
Chapter 1 Quiz Questions
6 questions

Controllers & Routing :
Controllers & Routing Intro
Routing Overview
Controller Overview
Routes & Controller Methods
Query Strings & Prefixes
Chapter 2 Quiz Questions
5 questions

Views & Templates :
Views & Templates Intro
Views Explained
View Variables
Layouts & Elements
Chapter 3 Quiz Questions
4 questions

Components & Helpers :
Components & Helpers Intro
Creating Components
HTML Helper
Form & Text Helpers
Chapter 4 Quiz Questions
5 questions

Models & Baking :
Models & Baking Intro
Fetching Data From a Database
Inserting Data & Adding Validation
Editing & Deleting Data
Baking an App
Chapter 5 Quiz Questions
4 questions

Building a Project Management App :
Project Intro
Creating a Database & Baking Our App Part A
Creating a Database & Baking Our App Part B
Data Output & Display
Tag Search & Filter
Tag Search & Filter - Implementation
Login Authentication
Registration & Access Control

Course Summary :