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Learn to build a REST API with vanilla PHP with Basic Auth

Introduction :
The Quote API Project Introduction
Software tools to be used Introduction

Quotes API MYSQL Setup :
Database Setup Upload (Shortcut)
Database Tables and Mockaroo
Database build Categories
Generating Quotes Rows
Generate User Rows

Folder Structure of Quote API Project :
Folder Structure of Quote API Project

The Database Class Development :
Database Class Setup
Database Fetch Methods
Database Execute Call Method 1
Database Execute Call Method 2
Database Execute Call Method Corrections
Database Other Relevant Methods

HttpResponse Class :
HttpResponse Class' Error Methods
HttpResponse Class OK (Success) method

The Quote Class :
Quote Class Setup
Quote Class Insert Update and Delete
Quote Class Random and User Fetch Methods

The User Class :
The User Class 1
The User Class 2

Handling Request coming to the quotes endpoint :
Setup Of Index File
Setting up Basic Authentication
Checking and Handling GET Requests
Sending REST API Results on GET Requests
Checking and Handling POST Requests
Handling PUT Requests 1
Handling PUT Requests 2
Checking and Handling DELETE Requests
Handling Random Fetch Feature
Handling the Fetch of Quotes of a particular user

User Endpoint For Registering new users :
Handling new User

Converting URLS to their pretty versions :
Rewritting Endpoints to pretty urls

Bonus Lectures :
Bonus | Sort Quote Feature

Where to :
Where to