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Learn Rails: Quickly Code Style and Launch 4 Web Apps

Video Introducing this tutorial

Intro :
In Case You Missed The Intro
Why Learn Ruby on Rails?
If You Need Help
Installing Rails
Atom Text Editor and My Packages

Rails Dictionary :
Intro To MVC
Partials And Rendering
MVC In Use
What Are Migrations?
The Gemfile
Creating Our First Rails App

Gitting Started :
What Is Git?
Git Installed
Git Commands
Git Quizzed!
3 questions
Reverting To a Previous Commit

Building A Blog :
Blog Demo
Setting Up Our App
Installing Devise
Devise Commands Quiz!
3 questions
Adding Validation To Posts
Hiding Stuff From Unauthenticated Users
Cleaning Up
Fixing Routes
Implementing Bootstrap with Bootswatch Themes
Coding The Navbar
Styling The Index Page
Style Your Own Show Page Challenge!
Adding Social_Share Links
Adding Facebook Comments
Adding Google Plus Comments
Patching Up Blog Login Bug
Congratulations! You've Built a blog!

User Messaging App :
A Look Into What We'll Be Building
Creating Our App and Installing Devise
Creating Migrations
The Conversation Model
The Message Model
The Conversations Controller
The Messages Controller
Importing The Bootstrap CDN
Creating The Views
Fixing The Routes
Final Test

ToDo List :
What We'll Be Building
Creating Our App and Scaffolds
Adding Basic Styling
Fixing Minor Bugs
Styling The Application Page
Styling The Forms
Styling The Index Page
What is Font Awesome?
Using Font Awesome
Final Test

Make A Wiki :
What We'll Be Building
Setting Up Our App
Installing Devise
Validations and Other Stuff
Importing Bootstrap
Styling The Show Page
Testing Our App
Styling The Index Page
Styling The Forms
Fixing It Up
Creating The Navbar
Creating Categories In The DB
Modeling The Categories
Creating The Categories in The Console
Putting Categories Into The Controller
Selecting Categories
Adding Categories to The Forms
Showing The Current Category
Great Job!

Additional Features :
Styling Devise Forms with Bootstrap
Active Admin Part 1
Active Admin Part 2
Creating Static Pages

Heroku Deployment :
What is Heroku?
Installing Heroku Toolbelt
Preparing For Heroku Deployment
Publishing To Heroku

Wrapup :
Final Test
Final Thoughts