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Learn Python: Build a Virtual Assistant

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Set Up :
What We'll Be Building
Running and Installing Python (Linux)
Running and Installing Python (Windows and Mac)
Installing Pip and the libraries we'll be using
Libraries Quiz
1 question
How I'll Be Editing Our Code
One Last Thing (GitHub Code)

The Fun Stuff! :
Getting Started with Wolfram Alpha
Coding Wolfram API Into Our Application
Using Wikipedia Documentation
Building an Example Project With The Wikipedia API
Advanced Features in The Wikipedia API
Combining Wolfram Alpha With Wikipedia

Creating the User Interface :
Adding The GUI
What Is A GUI?
3 questions
Making The GUI Dynamic
Fixing A Minor Bug

Optional Additions To Our Application :
Making Our Application Talk With Espeak
Speech Recognition Pt 1
Speech Recognition Pt 2

Thank You! :
BONUS Lecture: What's Next?