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Learn Piano: The Basics of Keyboards

Video Introducing this tutorial

Understanding the Parts of the Piano and the Musical Alphabet :
Intro to the Course
Finding the Black Keys
A Quiz: Finding the Notes
Finding Middle C
The Pedals
Section 1 Recap

5 Technique Tips You Need to Know :
Intro and Technique 1: Posture
Technique 4 and 5: Fingertips and Thumbs
Section 2 Recap

The Basics of Music Notation :
Intro and The Treble Clef (G Clef)
Bass Clef (F Clef)
Quiz- Find the Treble Clef Notes
Quiz- Find the Bass Clef Notes
Section 3 Recap

Key Signatures and Time Signatures :
Intro to Key Signatures and Time Signatures
Quiz on Sharps and Flats on the Staff Sheet
Key Signatures
Time Signatures

Intro to Rhythm :
Reading Rhythms
The 16-Bar Exercise
Understanding Eighth Notes
Intro to Triplets and Sixteenth Notes
Section 5 Recap