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Learn Persian (Farsi) language: speak, read, and write!

Introduction :
Why Persian (Farsi) Language?!
Introduction & Introducing the Vowels in Persian!

The first letter 'alef' (ا) & Greetings in Persian (Farsi) :
Greetings in Persian and the first letter!
Greetings in Persian - Quiz
6 questions

The second letter 'be'(ب) & the Pronouns in Persian (Farsi) :
Pronouns in Persian and the second letter!
Pronouns in Persian and the second letter - Quiz
6 questions

The third letter 'pe'(پ) & How to introduce yourself in Persian (Farsi) :
Introduce yourself in Persian and the third letter!
Introduce yourself in Persian - Quiz
6 questions

The fourth letter 'te' (ت) & Colors in Persian (Farsi) :
Colors in Persian and the fourth letter!
5 questions

The fifth letter 'se' (ث) & Numbers in Persian (Farsi) :
Numbers in Persian and the fifth letter!

The sixth letter 'jim' (ج) & Family members in Persian (Farsi) :
Family members in Persian and the sixth letter!

The seventh letter 'che' (چ) & Parts of the body in Persian (Farsi) :
Parts of the body and the seventh letter!

The eighth letter 'he' (ح) & Present Tense in Persian (Farsi) :
Present Tense in Persian and the eighth letter!

The ninth letter 'khe' (خ) & Past Tense in Persian (Farsi) :
Past Tense in Persian and the ninth letter!

The tenth letter 'daal' (د) & Future Tense in Persian (Farsi) :
Future Tense in Persian and the tenth letter!

The eleventh letter 'zaal' (ذ) & Weather conditions in Persian (Farsi) :
Weather conditions and the eleventh letter!

The twelveth letter 're' (ر) & Months in Persian (Farsi) :
The name of the months in Persian and the twelveth letter!

The thirteenth letter 'ze' (ز) & Transportation in Persian (Farsi) :
Transportation in Persian and the thirteenth letter!

The fourteenth letter 'zhe' (ژ) & Sports in Persian (Farsi) :
Sports in Persian and the fourteenth letter!

The fifteenth letter 'sin' (س) & Likes and Dislikes in Persian (Farsi) :
Likes and Dislikes in Persian and the fifteenth letter!

The sixteenth letter 'shin' (ش) & Freetime and Hobbies in Persian (Farsi) :
Freetime and Hobbies in Persian and the sixteenth letter!

The seventeenth letter 'sad' (ص) & Traveling in Persian (Farsi) :
Traveling in Persian and the seventeenth letter!

The eighteenth letter 'zaad' (ض) & Foods in Persian (Farsi) :
Foods in Persian and the eighteenth letter!

The nineteenth letter 'taa' (ط) & Requests in Persian (Farsi) :
Requests in Persian and the nineteenth letter!

The twentieth letter 'za' (ظ) & Going on a trip in Persian (Farsi) :
Going on a trip in Persian and the twentieth letter!

The twenty-first letter 'ayn' (ع) & Booking in Persian (Farsi) :
Booking a room in Persian and the twenty-first letter!

The twenty-second letter 'gheyn' (غ) & Talking on the phone in Persian (Farsi) :
Talking on the phone in Persian and the twenty-second letter!

The twenty-third letter 'fe' (ف) & Love and relationship 1 in Persian (Farsi) :
Love and relationship in Persian and the twenty-third letter!

The twenty-fourth letter 'ghaaf' (ق) &Love and relationship 2 in Persian (Farsi) :
Love and Relationship (2) in Persian and the twenty-fourth letter!

The twenty-fifth letter 'kaf' (ک) & Time in Persian (Farsi) :
Time in Persian and the twenty-fifth letter!

The twenty-sixth letter 'gaf' (گ) & Seasons in Persian (Farsi) :
Seasons in Persian and the twenty-sixth letter!

The twenty-seventh letter 'laam' (ل) & Shopping in Persian (Farsi) :
Shopping in Persian and the twenty-seventh letter!

The twenty-eighth letter 'mim' (م) & Bargaining in Persian (Farsi) :
Bargaining in Persian and the twenty-eighth letter!

The twenty-ninth letter 'noon' (ن) & Occupations in Persian (Farsi) :
Occupations in Persian and the twenty-ninth letter!

The thirtieth letter 'vav' (و) & Days of the Week in Persian (Farsi) :
Days of the week in Persian and the thirtieth letter!

The thirty-first letter 'he' (ه) & Ailments in Persian (Farsi) :
Ailments in Persian and the thity-first letter!

The thirty-second letter 'ye' (ی) & Asking& giving an address in Persian (Farsi) :
Asking and giving an address and the thirty-second letter!

Course Supplementary Materials :
eBook 1
224 pages
eBook 2
244 pages
eBook 3
eBook 4