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Learn Operating Systems

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to Operating Systems course :
Why should you take this course on Operating Systems?

Basic Concepts of Operating System :
What is Operating System?
Functions of Operating System
Evolution of Operating System

Process :
What is a Process?
Process Address Space
Operation on Process
Process Creation
Termination of Process
Important System Calls
Blocking write() System Call
Process State
Implementation of Process
What other process state does the OS manage?
Context Switching
Cooperating processes
Bounded Buffer Problem
Inter Process Communication
Shared Memory Model
Message Passing Model
Basic Structure of IPC
Direct and Indirect communication
Communication in client server system
Remote procedure call(RPC)
Two approaches for RPC

Threads :
Threads(Light weight-Process)
Independent execution of threads
Single thread state within a process
Multiple threads in an address space
Why threads?
Types of threads
Advantage of using threads
Concurrent Programming

Process Scheduling :
Types of Scheduler

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