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Learn NoSQL Databases – Complete MongoDB Bootcamp 2019

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Document Oriented
MongoDB Data Types

Install and Setup MongoDB Server :
Install MongoDB server
MongoDB No Connection
Your First Document
Your own Document
1 question

Aggregation (Data manipulation) :
Aggregation Introduction
Sort Operator
Match Operator
Project Operator
Group Operator
Explore the operators
1 question

MongoDB Shell :
Install Atom
Open the MongoDB Shell

Aggregation(Shell) :
AverageAge ($avg)
students ($Push)
unique Array values ($addToSet)

User Accounts and Access Control (New Database) :
User intro
Creating a new Database
Create new user
login using Auth()
readWrite user
Create your own users
1 question

Java API - MongoDb Integration :
Setup project
HelloWorld interface
MongoDb java Connector