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Learn MongoDB from scratch: Absolute beginner’s introduction

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction and Environment Setup :
What is MongoDB
Download and install MongoDB
Installing MongoDB for Mac OSX
Modifying environment variables
Creating a storage directory for mongoDB
Starting and Stopping MongoDB
What is Nodejs
Download and install nodejs
What is npm
What is JSON
JSON syntax
Creating a JSON object
What is Python
Download and install python
Install Httpie
MongoDB data modelling
Create a sample JSON document
MongoDB Data Types
MongoDB Vs RDBMS Terminologies

Performing CRUD Operations :
Creating a database
Dropping a database
Inserting Documents into MongoDB
Querying a document in mongoDB
Updating a document
Deleting a document

Importing Data and Joining Collections :
Creating csv files
Exploring dataset structures
Using the mongoimport tool
Importing data into mongo db
Introduction to joining collections
Joining collections

More Interactions with MongoDB :
Limiting data
Connecting to mongoDB via Python
Querying MongoDB using python
Creating a document with python
Inserting a document with python shell
Backing up mongoDB
Restoring MongoDB

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