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Learn Microsoft SQL & DataBase concepts from scratch

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Course Introduction

Data and Database :
Data and Data Types
Database and Types | DBMS & RDBMS

Introduction to SQL :
SQL Commands

Installation :
Sql Server 2016 Installation
Connecting to Sql Server

Database :
Create Database
Alter|Drop Database
System Databases

Table :
Create Table
Alter|Drop Table
Insert into Table - Insert Into|Select Into
Filter data using Where
Top|Distinct|Group By|Order By
Column Identity Property
Temporary Tables | Table Variables

Constraints :
Constraints Part1 Primary|Foreign
Constraints Part2 Default|Check|Unique

Joins :
Joins Introduction Inner|Left|Right|Full|Cross
Joins Examples

DML Commands :
Update|Delete|Truncate Table

View :
Views Create|Alter|Drop

Function :
Functions Part 1| Scalar Function
Functions Part 2 | Table Valued Function
Aggregate Functions
String Functions Part1
String Functions Part 2
DateTime Functions Part1
DateTime Functions Part2

Trigger :
Triggers Part 1|DDL
Triggers Part 2|DML
Triggers Part 3|Logon

Stored Procedure :
Stored Procedures

Result Sets :
Combining Result Sets Union|Union All|Intersect|Except

Indexes :
Indexes Part 1 | Clustered Index
Indexes Part 2 | NonClustered Index