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Learn Laravel 5 Framework by building a professional Website

Video Introducing this tutorial

Power of Laravel :
Introduction to the Course
What is Laravel
What is MVC

Setting Up Laravel :
Downloading and Setting up Laravel

Going in Depth of View and Controller :
Getting Familiar with common Laravel5 Directories
Running our very First Laravel5 Application
Making our own WebPage
Start Working with Controller
Passing Data From Controller to Views
Owe some Website
Getting Bootstrap

Templating Engine of Laravel :
Don't Repeat Yourself(DRY) Layouts
What is DB(Video Coming Soon)

Models :
Creating a Migration
Connecting with our DataBase
HTTP Requests
Create in CRUD and Laravel Forms
Logic of running a CRUD function
Creating a DataBase
Reading individual record From DataBase
Reading all record from the DataBase
Update_Form-Binding Part-1
Update Part-2
Delete Record From the Database

Authentication :
Authentication Theory
Setting our Authentication routes, Views and Controller

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