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Learn JIRA for Beginners

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to JIRA :
Introduction to JIRA
JIRA Tool Installation
How to create Project and Add the users in Jira
Zephyr test management Tool Installation and Issue Type Configuration
Workflow_Creation in Jira
Creating Fix Versions_Components in JIRA

Test Development in JIRA :
How to write TestCases in JIRA
Zephyr Testcase Design Features in JIRA
Creating Favorate Filters in JIRA

Test Execution in JIRA :
How to Create Test Cycle and ExecutingThe Test cases in JIRA
Searching the issues and Bulk updates in the JIRA

Test Management in JIRA :
How to Search Manage,Execute, Testcases in JIRA
Sharing the issues
How to Export Issues in JIRA

Bug Tracking(or)Defect Tracking :
How to Open Defect in JIRA
Defect Life Cycle in JIRA

Reporting in JIRA :
Dashboard Creation and Operations in JIRA
Jira Reports
Tracebility Matrix(RTM) in JIRA
Agile Test Boards

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