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Learn Jira Complete from Scratch to Expert

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
What is Jira & why we need
Install Jira

Introduction to Agile :
What is Agile
Scrum Methodology
Kanban Methodology

Jira Components :
Overview of Jira Account
Create an Issue
View Issues, Workflow & Story points
Jira Board
Kanban Board

Jira Search :
Basic Search
Advanced Search

Customizations :
Gadgets - Dashboard Customization
Manage Boards Advanced
Jira Board Settings

Real End to End Jira Project Flow :
Create project & Backlog
Time estimation, epic & versions
Creating a Sprint
Working on Sprint
Closing Sprint

Admin Settings - Creating user & groups :
Overview of Jira Admin
Create new user
creating groups

Admin Settings - Handling Global access & use cases :
Global Permissions
Schemes & Permissions
Create an Issue Type and Associate to Project
Developing screens for Issue Types

Handling Permissions :
Providing permission within project
Handling permission across different Projects

Customizations & Components :
Creating Custom Fields
Adding customized workflows
Customizing existing workflows
Default Assignee to Issues
Handling Components in Jira

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