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Learn Java Programming Language from Scratch

Introduction & Getting Started :
Introduction to the course & Instructor

Setup Your Computer for Development - Windows PC & MAC :
Setting Up Java - Windows PC
Download and Install Eclipse - Windows PC
How to Setup JAVA_HOME - Windows 10
Let's Run our First Hello World!
IMPORTANT!! Download Source Code Files (Eclipse Project Files)
Installing Eclipse & Setting Up Java - MAC

Java Introduction :
What's Java?
The Way Java Works (Compilation Process)
Introduction to Variable and How To Declare Them
Integers and Concatenation
String, Integer, Float, Chars, Doubles, Booleans
Handling Syntax Errors
Java Operators - Addition
Java Operators ( Addition, Multiplication, Division...)
App #3: Let's Write a Program to Convert Meters to Feet
App #4: Improved Meters to Feet Converter App

Decision Making - If, Else, Logical Operators, Loops :
If Statements and Conditional Operators
Logical Operators - AND, OR, NOT
Loop Controls - for loop, while loop, do while loops

Introduction to Classes in Java - Methods, Inheritance, Data Hiding :
Methods Return Types
What's a Class? - Introduction to Classes
Inheritance in Java
Controlling Access to Instance Variables (Properties)
Constructors in Java
Setters and Getters in Java
Overloading Constructors
The Java Class Library
Static Keyword in Java and the Math Class
Object - The Ultimate Superclass
Error Handling (Exceptions in Java)
Multiple Catch Block and Finally Block

Introduction to Arrays and Advanced Data Structures -Data storage With ArrayList :
What's an Array? Creating Arrays in Java
Arrays - Continuation
Introduction to ArrayLists
Java HashMaps
Sorting an Array

Java - Introduction to I/O Classes - Input and Output Streams :
Introduction to the I/O Classes in Java
I/O - Read Text a TextFile
I/O Write To File
Java - Buffer Reader

Introduction to Swing ( AWT - Abstract Windowing Toolkit) :
What's Swing ant AWT
Creating Windows and Frames - Swing Demo
Java Swing JLabel
Layout Manager and Buttons - Java Swing JButton Class
Java Abstract Classes
Interface Classes in Java
Add EventListener to a Button
Let's Build a Java Swing Application - Flash Card - Part 1
Java Swing Application - Flash Card - Part 2
Java Swing Application - Flash Card - Part 3
Java Swing Application - Flash Card - Part 4
Let's Build a Java Swing Application - FlashCard - 5
Let's Build a Java Swing Application - FlashCard - Final

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