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Learn Java Programming – Beginners guide 2020

Java Basics :
Java environment Setup
Primitive Types - Theory
Primitive Types
The 8 Primitive Types
1 question
Conditional Statements
For Loop
While Loop

Java FX (Desktop Applications) :
Java FX Intro
Adding buttons
Button Event Handler
Adding Label and TextField
Adding Username and password fields
Changing position of text Fields
Java FX CSS styling
Java Desktop Application Project

Spring & SpringBoot Introduction :
Spring vs SpringBoot
How to create a SpringBoot project
Dependency Injection

Java and MySQL :
Java DB Intro
Setting up SpringBoot project
MySQL Workbench
Download MySQL Workbench and XAMPP
1 question
MySQL Connection
Creating Schema and table
Connect MySQL and Java Project
Fetching data part 1
Fetching Data part 2
Saving a User to DB
Save a single user
1 question

Java FXML :
Intro to FXML
Combine FXML and MySQL Project
Button and Controller
Reading User input part 1
Rading User input part 2
Adding User TableView
Fetching Users
Add CSS styling to FXML
Add Styling to your FXML Application
1 question

Java Web Service & API :
Java Web Service & API Intro
Setting up SpringBoot project
A simple GET request
Make a GET request
1 question
Add Parameter
Request Data from a Database
Add a Web Service to your User Application
1 question
Fetching Users through Postman - Assignment Solution
Securing our WS with Basic Authentication