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Udemy Learn iClone 7 | Character Creator | Unreal Engine Pipeline

Video Introducing this tutorial

Where To Get The Software Needed For This Course :
Where To Download Your Program Trial Versions
Where To Get Your FREE Custom Characters
Where to get your custom characters: GORK The Alien Hybrid & Funny Looking Guy
Your iClone 7 GORK Alien-Hybrid Project File
iClone 7 GORK Alien-Hybrid Project File

Introduction To iClone 7 & Character Creator 3 :
Introduction - The Toon character you will create in this course

Let's Get Off To A FAST Start and Create Our First Character! :
Let's get started by resizing our character's body and head
Let's give our character a nose job!
Let's plump up those lips!
Toon Girl Ear Shape
Toon Girl Eyes - The Window To The Soul!
Toon Girl Head Shape
Toon Girl - Let's Smooth Some Details On Her Head
Toon Girl - Let's Add Some Beautiful Hair
Change Eye Color & Eyelashes
Add SkinGen & Makeup To Toon Girl!
Toon Girl - How To Enlarge Iris & Pupil
Toon Girl Teeth Shapes
Toon Girl Teeth Materials & Colors
Time To Pick Out Toon Girl's Wardrobe!

Into iClone We Go! :
We Send Toon Girl To iClone & Add Mocap Animation!
Toon Girl - Export Animation
How To Import Sound Into iClone
Toon Girl Automatic Lip-Sync With Audio File
Toon Girl - How To Adjust Lip-Sync Manually & Add Expressions
Toon Girl - Using The Face Puppet Tool
Toon Girl - Motion Puppet Tool
Toon Girl - Let's Edit The Motion Layer
Toon Girl - The Direct Puppet Tool

LIVE Face! Reallusion's Amazing iPhone App for Real-time Facial Animation! :
"Manfred" Example Using LIVE Face App and iPhone 11 - Genesis 8 Character
Get This Lightning Cable For Your iPhone - You'll Thank Me Later!
AUDACITY - The Powerful Free Audio Editing Program - where to get & how to use
QUICK START To Animating With LIVE Face!
LIVE Face Lip-Sync With Existing Dialogue Track (ADR, Looping)
LIVE Face: How To Record Live Dialogue AND Facial Animation In REAL-TIME!
The Power of Layered Animation Expressions! FUN!

AMAZING LIVE-LINK! iClone to Unreal Engine Live-Link & Auto Setup Plugins :
QUICK START To iClone To Unreal Engine Via Live-Link!
Create Your Unreal Engine Project With Live-Link And Auto Setup
Transfer GORK The Alien-Hybrid To Unreal Engine!
Get Live-Link Connected And Playing Animation In Both iClone & Unreal Engine
Record Your Animation In Unreal Engine With Sequence Recorder!
Record Your Animation In Unreal Engine (continued)
How To Clean Up & Edit Your Animation In Unreal Engine
Create Sequence & Sync Up Dialogue Track
Smooth Your Character Mesh In Unreal Engine - Say Goodbye To The Jaggies!
Congratulations! You Finished The Course!
BONUS Lecture