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Learn How To Use Sketch From The Ground Up

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction Of The Course :
What is Sketch?
Interface Tour
Prototyping with fuse

Layer Basics :
Types of Layers
Interacting With objects
Guides and Grids
Hiding, Locking, and Grouping Layers
Layer Basics Quiz
1 question

Shapes :
Adding Shapes and Editing a Shape

The Making Of The Web Design Project :
The Project That We Are Going To Build
Fonts That You Will Use
Web Design Sketch Project
The Header
Hero Section
Building The Text Blocks Of The Website
Final Words

Install Fuse For The Extra Section Of The Course :
Software Installation
Fuse And Android
Fuse iOS
Fuse iOS Details

The Music App :
The Sketch Mobile App
Meeting With The App
Making The App Pt.1
Making The App Pt.2
Making The App Pt.3
App Music Pt.4
App Music Pt.5
App Music Pt.6
Final Words Of The UI Project

Extra Section Prototype With Fuse :
Fuse and Atom
Covert The Sketch Project Into A Native App Prototype
Build The App Prototype For Android Devices
Build The App Prototype For iOS Virtual Devices