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Learn how to use Javascript Components with PHP and Symfony

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome to the course :

Preparing the development environment :
Installing VirtualBox and configuring the virtual machine
Installing Ubuntu Server in VirtualBox
Testing the connection to our virtual server
Installing PHPMyAdmin
Modifying the Apache Server home directory
Atom Editor
Installing a local version of PHP to be used by our source code editor
Configuring the Virtual Machine in NAT Mode
Validating the concepts learned
3 questions

Creating the backend in Symfony :
Installing Symfony Installer
Creating the project with Symfony
Configuring the project with the Apache server
Modeling the entities you are going to use
Designing database entities with Symfony
Using MySQL Workbench Schema Exporter to generate our entities
Validating the concepts learned
1 question

Creating the frontend of your application :
Installing Bower, a Web package manager
Installing AdminLTE. Using CSS and JS code minifiers
Installing Datatables
Validating the concepts learned
1 question

Designing a Symfony API Rest Controller :
Installing FOSRestBundle and creating our first test request.
Creating data fixtures. DoctrineFixturesBundle
Designing a Request that returns data in DataTables
Testing your Api Rest Controller
Integrating the request created with the Javascript component
Validating the concepts learned
3 questions

Completion of the course :
See you soon