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Learn how to make iPhone/Android 2D Games without coding

Video Introducing this tutorial

Become Familiar with Fusion :
Work Environment and Getting Familiar with Clickteam Fusion
Collisions and Events
Platform and Levels
Platform example

Learning the software :
Menus and Windows
Application Properties
Frame Properties
Object Properties
Background Properties (Backdrops)
Bakcground Properties (Quick Backdrops)

Movement Types :
Static Objects
Bouncing Ball Object
Path Object
Eight Direction Movement
Race Car movement
Platform Movement

Using Physics Movements :
8 Direction Movement
Axial Movement
Platform Movement
Race Car Movement
Spring Object
Static Object

Physics Objects :
Fan Object
Physics Joints
Magnet Object
Particle Object
Physics Rope
Physics Treadmill / Ground

Frequently used Items :
Working with text
Working with counters
Score and lives
Qualifiers ( Hidden object game )
Interface Objects

Graphics and Animation :
Working with Animation

Music and Sound :
Sound and Music

Exporting Games :
Exporting to Android ( setup )
Exporting to android (installing Android SDK / Java JDK)
Exporting to Android (Google Keystore/ google playstore)
Exporting to FLASH
Exporting to HTML5
Exporting to iOS

Building a game :
Let's make a flappy bird clone
Let's make a flappy bird clone (part 2)
Let's make a doodle jump clone
Course Overview

Bonus material and supplementary content :
Edit Menu Items
Adding a jumping sound
Creating Mud Effect - Xparck-moto

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