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Learn How To Hire and Manage Your Virtual Assistants

Introduction :
Why I Am Qualified To Teach This Course
Overview of How to Hire An Employee Online

The Importance Of Outsourcing Your Work :
What is YOUR time worth to you?
Scaling Your Business

Best Practices on Managing and Communicating with Your Virtual Assistant :
Managing Shared Files in Google Drive
Using OBS Studio To Capture Your Screen For Training
Using LastPass to Give Your Employees Access Without Knowing Passwords
Using Timedoctor to Track Your Employees Time and Processes

Where and How to Find Your First Employee :
The Sites I Recommenced Using
Navigating Onlinejobs.Ph

The Full Hiring Process :
Reviewing Applicants from Job Posting
Tips For Negotiating Pay With Your Virtual Assistant
Finalizing Your Hire on
Training Your Virtual Assistant
Reviewing Your Employees Work On Upwork
When To Terminate Employment Of A Virtual Assistant

Drop shipping Specific Content :
My Advice On Progressing Your Virtual Assistant
eBay Folders Set Up
Creating A Limited VA Login For PayPal
Using a VA Login on SaleFreaks
Adding a VA account To Your Chili-Hunter Software

Conclusion :
Build a TEAM That Communicates and Works Together
Thank You For Taking the Course!
Bonus Lecture