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Udemy Learn How to Build iOS Apps with Cloud Kit

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Supercharge your iOS apps with CloudKit
2. iCloud overview
3. The rise of MBaaS
4. CloudKit overview
5. Why CloudKit
6. CloudKit dashboard
7. Development and production environments
8. Get to know the project
9. CloudKit architecture- Containers and databases
10. CloudKit architecture- Records and zones
11. Containers
12. Public, private, and shared databases
13. Record zones, record types, and records
14. Solution- Custom containers
15. Design a database schema
16. Query and retrieval dashboard
17. Query and retrieval code- Note object
18. Query and retrieval code- MasterViewController
19. Create and update data
20. Delete data
21. Challenge- Predicates
22. Solution- Predicates
23. Relationships in CloudKit overview
24. Adding a relationship in CloudKit- Fetching
25. Adding a relationship in CloudKit- Adding
26. Introduction to Subscriptions
27. Subscribing to data changes
28. Enabling push notifications
29. Overview of CloudKit Security
30. Adding CloudKit Security privileges
31. Manage deployment across development and production
32. Test and debug CloudKit
33. Explore CloudKit web services
34. Best practices- Data modeling