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Learn Guitar in 15 Minutes – Beginner’s Crash Course

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Things to Know First and What's in this Course
Things to Know First - quiz.
3 questions
Tuning the Guitar
Fingers or a Pick - Choose your Weapons
Why Adults Fail at Learning Guitar and How Not to
Quiz: How to avoid failure at learning guitar
1 question
Tips to Make Best use of Your 15 Minutes a day Practice

Picking - Playing with a Pick (or Plectrum) :
Picking Technique Introduction
How to use a pick or plectrum
1 question
Single String Picking Exercise 1
Single String Picking Exercise 2
Pick Strumming Exercises

Fingerstyle for playing single notes and chords :
Fingerstyle Introduction
Fingerstyle Mechanics
Fingerstyle - Rest Stroke Exercise

Chord Arpeggios - Switching Between Chords Using Arpeggios :
Arpeggios - with a Pick or Fingerstyle
Simple Chords - Easy Does it!
FUNKey TAB Explanation
FUNKey Chord Tones

Master the Basic Chord Shapes :
5 Basic Chord Shapes Example 1
5 Basic Chord Shapes Example 2
Minor Chords

Strumming :
Strumming Methods
Basic Strumming while Changing Chords
Syncopated Strumming
Strumming - a Nameless Horse

Scale Your Way to the Top :
Blues & Country Scales
How to Improvise Using the Pentatonic Scale
Country Rock Track - Chords & Strumming Pattern
Jamming with Country Rock Track
Blues Chords
Jamming with the Blues Rock Track

How to Play Chord Melody :
4 Simple Steps to Play Chord Melody
Freight Train - The Fast Track!
Steps 1 and 2 Learn the Chords and the Scale
Step 3.1 - Melody Notes With the C Chord
Step 3.2 - Melody Notes With the G Chord
Step 3.3 - Melody Notes With the E Chord
Step 3.4 - Melody Notes With the F Chord
Step 4 - Putting it all Together

Bonus Section :
Take the 15 minutes a day Challenge

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