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Learn google sketchup from basic to advance Level

1-Interface Basics for Windows
2-Navigate in SketchUp
3-Walk around in SketchUp
4-Shade faces and Edges
5-Create Camera Views
6-Create Shadows and Fog
7-Create Multiple views using Scenes
8-Configuring toolbars and trays
1-Select and Move objects
2-Scale and Rotate Objects
3-Manipulate faces and edges
4-Advance Selection tools
1-Line tool fundamentals
2-Using the Line tool in 3D drawing
3-Eraser tools
4-Use the Rectangle tool
5-Create rotated rectangles
6-Push and Pull faces into 3D
7-Use the Offset tool to create outlines
8-Draw curved and Freehand shapes
9-Create circles and polygons
10-Soften and smooth edges
11-Use the Follow Me tool
12-Create 3D text
1-Use the Tape Measure to create guidelines
2-Use the Protractor tool
3-Create labels with the Text tool
5-Create cutaways using Section planes
1-Group objects
2-Work with Layers
3-Use the Outliner and Entity Info
1-The Component Window
2-Create Components
3-Use the 3D Warehouse
4-Use the Component Options window
5-Use the Interact tool
1-Apply Materials
2-Edit Materials
3-Create Materials