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Learn GARAGEBAND- Have Fun Make Your Own Music- Its Easy!

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome! :

Getting Started :
Downloading Garageband
Overview of Garageband Work Space
Section 1 Quiz
1 question

Recording Your First Song :
Recording Your Drum Track with Musical Typing
Quantizing a Track
Adding a New Track
Recording Your Bass Track
Quantizing and Reviewing Your Tracks
Saving Your Song as an Mp3
Section 2 Quiz
5 questions

Advanced Features :
Mute and Solo
Track Volume and Track Panning
Trimming a Recording
Looping a Track
Section 3 Quiz
3 questions

Taking Your Song To The Next Level :
Using Apple Loops
Using the Cycle Tool
Coming Up with a Melody
Recording a Melody
Editing Music with the Piano Roll
Saving Your Improved Song as an Mp3
Adding and Using a Virtual Drummer

Working with Audio :
Recording Audio
Copying and Pasting Clips
Editing the Pitch of Your Audio

Working with Apple Loops :
Making an Entire Song with Apple Loops
Exporting Your Song

Basics of Music Theory :
Introduction to Section 7
Overview of the C Major Scale
Common Bass Patterns in C Major
Major Scales Explained
Major Chords
Overview of the A Minor Scale
Common Bass Patterns in A Minor
Minor Scales Explained
Minor Chords

Student Showcase :
Student Showcase 04/03/15: Barbie
Student Showcase 04/14/15: Julie
Student Showcase 11/17/15: Eysi

Student Questions Answered :
Student Question Answered: Can You Quantize Loops?
Making a Song with the iPad Version of Garageband

Extras! :
Garageband in Action: Making a Udemy Course Promo
MP3 Files From This Course