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Learn Figma – UI/UX Design Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to the Course :
Introduction to the Course
Using the Exercise Files

Learning the Figma Interface :
Section Introduction
What is Figma?
Where to find Figma
The Start Screen
The Menu Bar
The Tools Panel
The Layers and Pages Panel
The Components Panel
The Team Library Panel
The Design Panel
The Prototype Panel
The Code Panel

Setting up a new project :
Creating a New Project and File
Importing Sketch Files
Working with Teams
Working with Templates

Adding and Editing Content :
Working with Frames
Working with Shapes
Drawing Icons using the Pen Tool
Drawing Shapes Using the Pencil Tool
Working with Text
Masking Images and Shapes
Importing Icons and other Graphics
Working with Color
Working with Styles
Setting up Components
Using Constraints for Responsive Design
Working with Version Control

Completing the Design :
Designing a Slide-out Menu
Designing an on-screen Overlay
Designing a comments section
Designing Multiple Artboard States
Give this design it's own unique personality

Prototyping, Sharing, and Exporting :
Creating a prototype
Viewing your prototype on a mobile device
Live device preview
Sharing your design
Allowing others to comment on your design
Exporting graphics and assets

Conclusion :
Next Steps