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Learn Docker with Practical Hands-On Exercises. A Step-by-Step “show don’t tell”-course for absolute Docker Beginners.

1. Introduction and Syllabus
2. Housekeeping Where to find code examples and more
1. Install Docker Desktop on Windows Professional or Server (with Hyper-V)
2. Install Docker Desktop on Mac
3. Install Docker Toolbox on Windows Home (without Hyper-V)
1. Running a single Docker Container Explained Step-By-Step
2. Running multiple Docker Coontainers from the Command line explained step by step
3. Running Docker Containers with a Shared Host File System (Volume Mounting)
4. Running PHP Scripts with Volume Mounting in Docker Containers - Practical Exampe
5. How to access Server Logs in Docker and How to do Port Forwarding in Docker
1. Write your first Dockerfile Step-By-Step Explained for Beginners
2. Use a custom PHP Development Server inside a Container based on a Dockerfile
3. Ship your Web-Application using ApachePHP as Docker Image with a Dockerfile
4. Upload Custom Images to Docker-Hub Image Repository
1. The docker-compose.yml File Explained Line-by-Line
2. This is how you use Docker-Compose to Start and Stop Services
3. Build your own Images with Custom Configuration using Docker-Compose
4. A Sample Development Environment (PHPApacheMySQL) using docker-compose.yml
5. Understanding Data Persistence in Host-Volume Mounted Directories Step by Step
6. Understanding Data Persistence in Named-Volumes and Data-Sharing in Containers
1. Understanding Network Segregation in Docker and the Docker0 network
2. Creating a Specific Network in the docker-compose.yml file
3. Using and Defining Networks in docker-compose.yml file for Network Segregation
1. Understanding and Improving the Wordpress docker-compose.yml file
2. Thank you for buying this course Closing words