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Learn DevOps: CI/CD with Jenkins using Pipelines and Docker

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Practical information
Procedure Document
Course Goals

Introduction to Jenkins :
What is Jenkins (Part I)
What is Jenkins (Part II)
Jenkins Installation
Demo: Jenkins installation
Introduction to Docker

Building a NodeJS app :
Why a NodeJS application?
How to build and deploy a NodeJS app
1.7 Demo - Building the first application
Demo - building nodejs app with Docker

Infrastructure as code and automation :
Introduction to Infrastructure as code and automation

Jenkins Job DSL :
Introduction to Jenkins Job DSL
Demo: Jenkins Job DSL with NodeJS application
Demo: Jenkins Job DSL with docker build and publish

Jenkins Pipelines :
Jenkins Pipelines Introduction
Jenkins Pipelines vs Jenkins Job DSL
Jenkins Pipelines Example
Demo: Jenkins pipelines with NodeJS and Docker
Build, test, and run everything in Docker containers
Demo: Build, test, and run everything in Docker containers

Jenkins Integrations :
Email integration
Demo - Email integrations using Jenkins Pipelines
Slack integration
Demo: Slack Integration
GitHub and BitBucket integration
Demo: GitHub integration with a Gradle + Java Project
Demo: Bitbucket integration
JFrog Artifactory integration
Demo: JFrog Artifactory integration
Custom API Integration
Demo: Custom API Integration
Sonarqube integration
Demo: Sonarqube installation with docker-compose
Demo: SonarQube integration within Jenkins Pipelines

Advanced Jenkins usage :
Introduction to Jenkins Slaves
Jenkins Slaves benefits and best practices
Demo - Jenkins slave using SSH
Demo: Jenkins slave using jnlp
Blue Ocean
Demo - Blue Ocean
demo: ssh agent
Security best practices
Authentication and authorization
Demo: authorizations
Authentication Providers for Jenkins
Demo: Onelogin Integration with Jenkins using SAML

The end :
Congratulations on completing this course
Bonus Lecture