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Learn Calculus I: Beginner to Advanced Quickly

Video Introducing this tutorial

Foundamentals of functions :
Functions and models
Let's play! Functions Quiz
1 question
Vertical line test
Let's play! Vertical Line Quiz
1 question
Let's play! Domain Quiz
1 question
Some domain examples
Some range examples
Let's apply the concepts!

Types of functions :
Linear functions
Linear functions exercises
Let's play! Linear functions quiz
1 question
Let's play! Polynomials quiz
1 question
Rational functions
Algebraic functions
Let's play! Algebraic functions quiz
1 question
Trigonometric functions
Exponential functions
Logarithmic functions
Let's play! Identify the type of function!
4 questions

Sketching the graph of a function :
Intercepts of a graph
Even and odd functions
Shifting vertically a function
Shifting horizontally a function
Shifting exercise
Stretching and compressing vertically a function
Stretching and compressing horizontally a function
Reflecting functions

Piece-wise, Inverse and Composition of functions :
Piecewise functions
Let's play! Piecewise functions Quiz
1 question
Inverse functions
Composition of functions
Let's play! Composition of functions Quiz
1 question
Some composition of functions exercises
Let's play! Inverse functions Quiz!
1 question

Derivative rules :
Constant rule
Let's play! Constant rule Quiz
1 question
Constant multiple rule
Power rule
Let's play! Quiz
1 question
Derivatives of trigonometric functions
Sum and difference rules
Product rule
Quotient rule