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Learn C# Programming For Absolute Beginners From Scratch

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Started :
What is C#
What is dotNet (.NET)
What is Visual Studio
Preparing for Visual Studio
Download and Install Visual Studio
Finishing the installation and Configuration of Visual Studio

Create your first console and web app :
Create a simple C # Console App
Compile your first console app with Visual Studio
Troubleshooting Code Compiling errors
Create your first web app
Add a web form
Customize the controls
Write code for the controls
Understanding the web app we created.
Working with solutions and projects in visual studio
Code Challenge

Data Types :
Basic Data types
What is a String
Data type Conversion - Part 1
Data type Conversion - Part 2
Converting to string and truncating

C# Essentials :
What are Variables
Guidelines to naming variables
Challenge on Arrays
Conditional Statements
List Concatenation
Removing items from dictionaries
Using Conditional Statements with Dictionaries
While Loops
Do While Loops
For Loops
Foreach Loops
Switch Statements

Basic Arithmetic Operators :
Basic Maths Operators
Using Basic Arithmetic Operators in your c# app
Operator Precedence
What is Concatenation
Adding comments to your code

Course Project: Create a Complete Maths Quiz :
Creating the quiz form
Adding the controls for addition
Create the timer box
Adding controls for substraction
Adding controls for multiplication
Adding controls for division
Create the start button
Generate Random Addition Maths Problems
Generate Random Substraction Maths Problems
Generate Random Multiplication Maths Problems
Generate Random division Maths Problems
Check Answer with a Check Answer Method()
Add Enter Event Handlers For NumericUpDown Controls
Implement a count down timer