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Learn C++ for Game Development

Introduction :

Input/Output Streams, Variables, Truth Values, Relational Operators :
Getting Started - Downloading Visual Studio
Your First Game - "You Died!" - Printing Text to the Screen
Variables and Data Types
Statements and Expressions
Truth Values
Relational Operators
If Statement - How to Use the Truth Values with Relational Operators
If Statement - Hands On Programming Lecture
If/Else Statement - Use Else to Provide Code for When the Condition is False
If/Else Statement - Hands On Programming Lecture
Else If - Adding Even More Functionality to your If Statements
Else If - Hands On Practice with Else If Statements

Scope, Identifiers, Keywords, and Functions :
Scope - What Do Those Curly Braces Do Anyway?
Identifiers - You Can't Name Your Stuff Just Anything!
Keywords - The Forbidden Words You Cannot Use For Your Identifiers
Functions - Create Routines for your Programs
Functions - Hands On Programming Lecture

Increment Operators, Loops, Overloading, Classes, and Inheritance :
Functions Revisited - More Practice With Functions
Increment Operators - Manipulate Your Numbers with Handy Operators
Increment Operators - Hands On Practice With Computations
While Loops - Let Your Code do the Work For You
While Loops - Hands On Practice
Do While - Another Flavor of the For Loop
For Loops - Looping For A Specified Number of Iterations
For Loops - Hands On Looping Practice
References - Variables Which Are Aliases for Other Variables
References - Hands On Practice with Variable Aliases
Function Overloading - Multiple Versions of a Function
Function Overloading - Get a Load of Function Overloading Hands On!
Strings - How Strings Work in C++
Strings - How to Use Them
Constants - Variables That Can Never Change
AND / OR and Truth Tables - The Tools Of Logic
AND / OR In Practice - Hands On With The Tools Of Logic
Arrays - Multiple Values, One Variable
Arrays - Feel the Power of Arrays in Practice
Enums - Named Constants that Programmers Use for Program States
Enums - Use Enums in Your Code!
Switch Statements - More Efficient than If Statements in Series
Switch Statements - Use Switch Statements to Make Code More Efficient!
Structs - A Custom Data Type With Member Variables and Functions
Structs in Practice - Hands on With Structs
Pointers - Variables that Point to Addresses of Data
Pointers in Practice - Hands on With Pointers
Objects and Classes - The Magic of Object Oriented Programming
Objects and Classes In Practice - Hands-On Class Creation
Constructors - The Function that Gets Called When an Object is Created
Constructing Constructors - Let's Create Our Own Custom Constructors!
Inheritance - How Classes Can Inherit From Other Classes
Inheritance in Practice 1 - Hands On with Inheritance
Inheritance in Practice 2 - Hands On with Inheritance
Inheritance in Practice 3 - Hands On with Inheritance
Access Modifiers - public, private, and protected
Using Access Modifiers - Mark Up Our Classes with Access Modifiers

Static, Virtual, Dynamic Memory, Destructors, Polymorphism, and Header Files :
Stack and Heap - How Dynamic Memory Works
Stack and Heap - Practice with Dynamic Memory
Destructors - Clean-Up Functions
Destructors - Hands-On Practice Destructing
The Static Keyword - Static Variables
Practice with Static
Virtual Functions - Overriding Inherited Methods (Functions)
Creating Virtual Functions
Polymorphism - The True Power of Object Oriented Programming
Polymorphism - Hands-On Practice with Inheritance Hierarchies
Multiple Inheritance - How A Class Can Inherit From More Than One Parent
Casting - Converting From One Type To Another
Practice With Casting
Header Files - How Large Programs are Organized
Practice with Header Files