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Learn By Example : Qlikview

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
You, This Course and Us

Getting Started :
Understanding a Qlikview Document
The In-Memory Data Model
Installing the Qlikview Desktop Client

Loading Data into a QV App :
Loading data from a CSV file
Loading data from a Database
Avoiding Synthetic Keys
Removing Circular References

Exploring Data using the UI :
List Boxes are like Select DISTINCT
Table boxes are for Selecting columns
Selection interactions in QV
Summarizing data with Chart Boxes
Data Types in QV : The Dual Format Representation

Transforming Data in Load Scripts :
Adding calculated fields in the load script
Using a variable in the load script
Joining tables in memory
The Keep keyword
Loading data from in-memory tables
Inline loads

Effectively presenting data :
Some useful dashboard elements
Grouped Fields
Highlighting with Color
The total keyword
Using Set analysis to override selections

Advanced Load Transformations :
Mapping Loads
Generic Load

Appendix :
MySQL Installation

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