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Learn Blender 3D – Become a 3D artist and create 50 models

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome to the course and welcome to Blender :
How to install Blender
How the course is structured
What do I need
What PC do I need?
External resources
Course controls
Discussion and feedback
Quiz 0
4 questions

Navigating the Blender interface :
Navigation section
The default screen
Changing your theme in Blender
User preferences
The Blender interface
1 question
Pre made Layouts
Changing your layout to suit your work
Change panel content
Saving your layout
Saving your start up file
The 3D viewport
Mouse emulator
Numpad emulator
Basic screen movement
Panning the view
Selecting objects
The Blender grid
Walk and Fly mode
Fly mode
Object mode
Edit mode
Objects and meshes
What is a mesh made of?
The 3D Cursor
Resetting the 3D Cursor
Primitive meshes
Moving objects
The 3D Gizmo
The snapping tool
Grab, rotate and scale with the gizmo
AXIS Forms
Hot keys for Grab, rotate, scale
Using the lock tool
Advanced selection
Maximising panels
Renaming our objects
3D Display
End of section

Modelling :
Modelling section Introduction
Selecting vertices, edges and faces
Undoing mistakes
Snapping in edit mode
Modelling one
3 questions
Render an object
The spacebar
Duplicating Objects
Smooth and flat shading
Edge Loops
Modelling Two
4 questions
Extrude tool
Select multiple parts of the mesh
Merging and removing doubles
Normals in Blender
Deleting and dissolving
Joining Objects
Seperate objects
Parents and children
The pivot point
hiding objects
The mirror modifier
Subdivision surface modifier
Bevel tool and modifier
scene layers
Modelling challenge
Modelling end of section quiz
5 questions
End of section

Textures and materials :
Materials and textures
Blender render
Challenge with blender render
node editor
Glossy shader
Glass Shader
Ceramic material
Emission material
Transparent shader
Velvet shader
Anisotropic shader
multiple materials
UV Mapping
Apply Texture one
Apply Texture Two
Mark seams
Sync select
Challenge with cycles render
Select tools in UV
Removing the blender grid
UV Islands
UV mapping two objects
Hot keys for UV mapping
Stitch tool
Smart UV Project
Project from view
Textures end of section quiz
5 questions
End of section

Bonus Section - Exporting :
Exporting an object from blender to unity with fbx
Saving a Blend file in unity

Rigging :
Rigging Section
Human rig
Naming Bones
X ray bones
Bone Displays
Extrude bones
Arms and Legs
IK Bones
Attaching IK bones
Inverse kinematics
Pole Targets
Pole angles
Mirror thr rig
Apply the rig
Rigging end of section quiz
5 questions
End of section

Animation :
Animation introduction
Animating a cube
Insertting Keyframe
Dope sheet
Playback buttons
F curve
Changing the number of frames
Zooming in the timeline
Animation for arms
Wave animation
Bow animation
Jump animation
Animation end of section quiz
6 questions
End of section

End of course project :
End of course project
Blender bot
Blender Bot model 1
Blender bot model 2
Blender Bot model 3
Blender Bot model 4
Blender Bot model 5
Blender Bot model 6
Blender Bot tex
Blender Bot tex 1
Blender bot tex 2
Blender Bot tex 3
Blender Bot tex 4
Blender Bot tex 5
Blender Bot rig
Blender Bot rig 1
Blender Bot rig 2
Blender Bot rig 3
Blender Bot rig 4
Blender Bot rig 5
Blender Bot rig 6
Blender Bot rig 7
Blender Bot rig 8
Blender Bot rig 9
Blender Bot rig 10
Blender Bot animate 1
Blender Bot animate 2
Blender Bot animate 3
Blender Bot animate 4
Blender Bot animate 5
Blender Bot animate 6
Blender Bot animate 7
Blender Bot animate 8