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Learn ASP.NET Core using MVC 6 and Entity Framework Core 1.0

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Introduction - What you can expect to learn in this course.
What's new in Asp.Net Core 1.0

Installation :
Visual Studio Installation
Asp.Net Core Environment and Tools Installation

The Basics :
Creating a New Project
Project Structure
Project Startup - Hello World
Serving Static Files
Asp.Net Core Basics Quiz
10 questions

Introduction to ASP.Net MVC
Adding MVC to the Project
First Controller and View
Working with the View
Creating a Layout View
Working with the Partial View
Adding more Views
Tag Helpers
View Models
Form Validation
Dependency Injection
Sending Email using a Service
Diagnostics and Error Handling
Working with Multiple Environments
Working with Configuration Settings

Entity Framework Core :
Introduction to Entity Framework Core
Creating Entities
Implementing DbContext
Using DbContext