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Learn Apache Kafka Messaging System

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Introduction to Kafka
1.2 Architecture of Apache Kafka
Apache Kafka Components
Log Anatomy and Data Log
Partition in Kafka and Importance of Java in Kafka
Use Cases of Apache Kafka
Apache Kafka Features
Apache Kafka Terminologies
Advantages and Disadvantages of Apache Kafka
Use cases and Applications of Apache Kafka
Apache Kafka Architecture
Downloading Zookeeper and Kafka
Installing Zookeeper
Cluster set up
Kafka Producer
Kafka Consumer
Kafka Broker
Kafka Queuing
Creating Apache Kafka Clients
Apache Kafka Client
Apache Kafka Workflow
Kafka Tools
Kafka Monitoring
Kafka Operations
Role of Zookeeper in Apache Kafka
Apache Kafka Streams
Kafka Performance Tuning
Downloading and Installing Spark and Scala
Setting Environment for Spark Streaming
Kafka integration with Spark through Word Count example