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Learn Ansible from the ground up

Introduction :
Why do we need configuration management? Why Ansible?
Installing Ansible on Ubuntu, Centos and macOS
Your first Ansible task
Sending arbitrary commands to target machines

Project 01: The LAMP stack :
Setting up the Vagrtant environment
Fulfilling Ansible requirements
The Apache playbook
Important note regarding Ubuntu
Installing PHP 7.1
Installing composer
Installing Laravel 5.5
Crafting the MySQL playbook
Configuring MySQL server
Creating the application database and user
Testing Laravel and finishing the project
Test your knowledge
6 pytań

Project 02: Nginx load balancer and refactoring the LAMP playbook :
Deploy Nginx load balancer
Refactoring LAMP: using variables
Overriding default variables
Refactoring LAMP: encrypting the root password
The register and when statements
Refactoring LAMP: Making the Laravel installation task idempotent

Project 03: deploying the MEAN stack :
Defining the MEAN stack and setting up the environment
Deploying MongoDB
Configuring MongoDB: setting the root password
Creating the application user and database on MongoDB
Adding the seed record
Deploying NodeJS
Configuring NodeJS to host the MEAN stack
Deploying Nginx using a role
Configuring Nginx as a reverse proxy
Using variables for Nginx role customization

Project 04: Advanced topics :
Integrating Ansible with Vagrant
Pre and Post tasks
Inventory-level variables
Ansible facts
Using Ansible in pull mode

Ansible and Amazon AWS :
Ansible vs AWS CloudFormation
Creating IAM account and obtaining the API keys
Creating public/private key pair for login
Setting up Ansible for AWS API access
Creating the hosts file
Setting the required vars: instance type, security group, and AMI name
Choosing the right AWS region
Task 1: Create the security group and set the firewall rules
Task 2: Create the EC2 instance
Task 3: Add the EC2 IP to host group using add_host module
Task 4: Add tags to the instance using ec2_tag module
Task 5: Wait for SSH to be available using wait_for module
Installing Python through Ansible
Apache installation task and ansible.cfg configuration
Running the playbook and testing the results on AWS
The playbook for stopping/terminating the EC2 instance
Running the termination playbook and testing the results