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Udemy Learn about Apigee API Management Platform

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Introduction :
How To Get the Best out of the Course

Introduction to API and API Management :
API Introduction and SOAP
Introduction to API Management

Use Case - User API :
User API Introduction
Running User API locally
Exposing Local Machine to Internet

Apigee Introduction :
Introduction and Account Creation
Exposing Users API

Basic Concepts :
402-Payment Required Error
Dev Product n App - Theory
Dev Product n App - HandsOn
Introduction to Policies
Quota Policy
JSON-to-XML Policy

Debugging :
Trace API Proxy Call

API Proxy Flows :
Assign Message Policy
API Proxy Flows Basics
Good question on flow
Tracing Flows
Conditional Flow in Action

Key Value Maps - KVM :
Key Value Maps - Introduction
Encrypted KVM
KVM Management APIs

Cache :
Caching Introduction
Cache Resource
APIs for Cache Management

Logging :
Logging Message to Loggly

Shared Flows :
Shared Flows Usage
Flow Hooks
Review Request

Security - Basic Auth :
Basic Authentication
Good question on the last exercise

Security - OAuth 2.0 :
OAuth 2 - Introduction
OAuth 2 - Example
Basic Terminology
Authorization Code Flow
Back and Front Channel
Other OAuth 2 Flows
Register Application in Github
Get Access Token Using Postman
Secure User API Proxy
Authorization Code Explaination on Postman

API Analytics and Reports :
API Analytics - Introduction
Generate Traffic using Postman
API Metrics
Developers Metrics
End Users Metrics
Custom Reports