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Leadership Masterclass: The Complete Course on Leadership

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Course curriculum
About the instructor
Self-introduction of students

Basics of Leadership: Leadership theories & famous leaders analysed :
The 4 main leadership theories explained
Basics of leadership - what a leader is
Why should you develop leadership skills?
Which leadership style do you have?
Famous leaders in history and their leadership styles
Leadership test - are you a good leader already?

Basic leadership skills & How to acquire them :
How a strong work ethic and uncertainty can influence leaders
Strategic thinking & how to create a common vision
Empathy & how to develop it
Empathy test - are you an empathetic person?

The Power of Self-Awareness: Figuring out who you are :
Understanding ourselves - What will you learn in this chapter?
8 questions you need to ask yourself
8 questions for becoming more self aware (test)
Steps to become more self-aware
Asking the right people - step #1 of becoming more self-aware
Crucial questions: 3 questions for you to ask to other people

Understanding Other People: How to understand other people better :
What are we going to learn in this chapter?
How to get to know and analyse people quickly
Figuring out other people's view point
5 questions to understand other people's emotions
Hacks for dealing with other people
How to open up for other people and act correctly
10 traits of great leaders
What do you like doing the most?
Why intra-relationship skills matter
A complete checklist for areas of self-improvement
Some advice on how to improve your communication skills
Sandwich strategy & the steps you need to take to get honest answers
Effective enthusiasm & how to apply it in your company/group
Establishing goals and guidelines

Leadership Strategies: How to deploy leadership skills toward other people :
Chapter introduction - Why this chapter?
Authenticity & why it's so important for upcoming leaders
Breaking boundaries every day (part 1)
Breaking boundaries every day (part 2)
Every leader is a mentor
The power of emotional intelligence
How to give away some power and save time & work
How to establish a proper feedback loop
The 7 skills you need to master in order to become a global leader
The Power of Influence
The power of skills & how to rearrange a compay
An application of the individual skillset
4 reasons why people should follow you
What you need to do if you are not a leader yet...
How to deal with difficult questions

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