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Leadcraft Masterclass-Facebook Ads

WEEK 1 :
Understand the basics behind Facebook and ensure you’re ready to actually run ads using your advertising account.
Understand the structure’s of campaigns and how to use the 3-Lane Method within your online advertising for success.
Develop your 3 Lane Strategy and your 4-Part Advertising Pyramid, giving you an insane advantage over the competition when launching your campaigns.
Setup and develop your audiences based on your own unique unfair advantages.
Setup and develop your customer conversions, allowing you to properly track and ensure that you’re ready for success.
Ensure that your online marketing funnel is fully ready to have ads deployed and your messaging and funnel flow allows for maximized ROI.
Develop your budget, understand your Green Lights and ensure that you’ll create a Financial Success Program Overview, allowing you to know exactly what we’ll be covering across the 6 weeks of the program

WEEK 2 :
Understanding advertising copy, messaging and how it aligns with buyer mindsets.
Setup of Image-Based Conversion Ads and development of your 3 main lead generation campaigns.
Setup of your high-impact, low cost retargeting lead generation campaigns.
Setup and development of your budget distribution strategy.
Setup of your unique reach campaigns and retargeting.
Setup of audience segmentation and Green Light Distribution.
Launch of your first Facebook Ads.

WEEK 3 :
First level optimization and assessment of advertising.
Budget distribution for lanes.
Planning and development of your Advertising Pyramid.
Development and launching of Lead Ads and Video Ads based on real-time market feedback.
Audience segmenting, analysis and optimization Q&A #1.

WEEK 4 :
Deeper analysis and data action.
Development of audience and Awareness Ads.
Launch of Advertising Pyramid.
Development of Like Campaigns for higher-engagement.
Development of Page Post Engagement Campaigns, allowing you to create more attention and awareness with your audience.
Development of Video View Campaigns, allowing you to be omnipresent with your audience.
Creative types deep dive, allowing you to use types that make the most sense for your brand.
Brand voice and using Open Looping and storytelling.
Deeper optimization and audience split testing.

WEEK 5 :
Profitability and ROI time periods.
Sale Ads using images, canvas, video and pre-selling.
Campaign optimization, and duplication.
Budget scaling and advanced tactics.

WEEK 6 :
Advanced retargeting and Micro-Targeting.
Budget Cycling and Funnel Stacking.
Audience Cycling.
Final overview.

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