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Lead Agile Meetings: Productive,Effective,Efficient Meetings

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Agile Meetings: Form and Function :
Using Restraint to Keep Meetings Lightweight
How to Run Effective Agile Meetings (Activities)
Quiz 1
4 questions

Release Planning :
Scheduling Releases
How Be Flexible And Deliver Without Scope
Setting Meeting Structure, Expectations, And Attendance
Quiz 2
3 questions

Developing and Maintaining Team Cohesion :
"Why the Daily Standup?
Understanding And Removing Obstacles
Quiz 3
2 questions

Assembling Your Sprints :
Sprint Planning:Visualizing Progress
How To Preserve Meeting Efficiency By Moving Forward With Less Than Perfect Info
Quiz 4
3 questions

Sprint Demonstrations: Showing The Teams Work :
The Demo: Showing your Agile Team’s Success
Creating Feedback Loops
Quiz 5
3 questions

Understanding and Avoiding Problems :
Staying On Track
Agile Standups Best Practices
Ending The Sprint Due To Unexpected Results
Staying Focused By Avoiding Multitasking
Quiz 5
4 questions