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Launch Your First Private Label Product | Amazon FBA 2017

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to the Private Label Product Business :
Introduction to Private Label & Amazon FBA
Course Agenda | What We Will Cover

Market Research | Create Your Niche List & Find Your Market :
Create A Niche List (3-5 Possible Markets) | Market Research Overview
Niche Brainstorming | Finding Niche's for Your List
One of the Top Ways to Find Hot Topics People are Actually Paying For
Market Research for Dummies
How to Analyze Market Demand & Trends
Are People Talking About the Niche?
How to Analyze Search Volume for Your Selected Markets
Is the Market Active? Let's Check Facebook
Market Research Section Summary & Tasks
Market Research Section [Quiz]
1 question

Create Your Product List | Potential PL Products :
Create Your Product List Introduction
Product Selection Overview
Create Your Product List (10 - 15 Possible Products) - Product Selection
Amazon Departments | Create Your Product List
What are the Top Products are People Buying?
Product List Section [Quiz]
1 question

Product Selection | Find A Winning Product to Sell :
Product Selection Introduction
Product Selection & Tools Overview
Amazon Revenue Calculator - Product Research Tool
CamelCamelCamel Product Research Tool
Jungle Scout - Market Research [Paid Tool]
AMZ Seller Browser - Product Research [Free Tool]
Amazon Product Research - Select Your Private Label Product
Product Differentiation - 4 Ways to Stand Out from the Competition
Patent Research - Google Patents & USPTO
Product Research Section Summary
Product Selection Section [Quiz]
1 question

Product Preparation & Branding | Tax EIN, Barcodes and Branding :
Product Preparation Overview
How to Form a Business & Get Your Tax EIN
How to Get a UPC Barcode for Your Product
Brand Names, Trademarks & Logos
Fiverr - Branding Your Product - Branding Your Product - Branding Your Product
Branding Section Summary & Action Steps
Product Preparation & Branding [Quiz]
1 question

Finding Suppliers & Ordering Samples :
Finding Product Suppliers Overview
Alibaba Overview & Getting Product Samples
Alibaba Review - Contacting Suppliers & Ordering Samples
Initial Supplier Contact Email (Template)
AliExpress Overview & Ordering Samples
Finding Other Suppliers & Manufacturers
My Product Sample [AliExpress]
Finding a Supplier Summary Action Steps
Finding a Supplier & Ordering Samples Section [Quiz]
1 question

Alibaba & AliExpress | Product Customization & Ordering Inventory :
Alibaba Product Customization & Ordering Inventory Overview
Sending Designs to Supplier & Inventory Order Preparation
Order Your First Inventory Shipment from Alibaba
Email Template 001 | After Reviewing Sample [Alibaba]
Email Template 001 | Example
Email Templates 002 | Inventory Quantity [Alibaba]
Email Template 002 - Example
Email Templates 003 | Shipping & Payment [Alibaba]
Email Template 003 - Example
Email Templates 004 | Inventory Inspection [Alibaba]
Email Template 004 - Example
Email Template 005 | Final Payment & Shipment [Alibaba]
Email Template 005 - Example
Ordering From AliExpress Overview & My Order
Summary Action Steps - Ordering Inventory [Alibaba]
Product Customization & Ordering Inventory Section [Quiz]
1 question

Product Customization | Packaging, Logo's and Labels :
Customizing Inventory Section Overview
Poly Bag Packaging, Warning Labels & Five Star Stickers
Custom Bags & Packaging for Your Inventory
The Easiest (And Cheapest) Way to Add Your Logo To Your Packaging
Card Inserts for Your Customers
Time to Work! Putting Everything Together
Inventory Customization Overview | Summary Action Steps
Inventory Customization Section [Quiz]
1 question

Amazon Account Setup & Shipment Plan :
Amazon Account Setup Overview
Choose Your Amazon Account | Individual or Professional
Add Your Product to the Amazon Catalog
Create a Shipment Plan for Your Inventory
Amazon Account Setup | Summary & Action Steps
Amazon Account Setup Section [Quiz]
1 question

Package & Ship Your Inventory to the Amazon FBA Warehouse :
Inventory Shipment Overview
Add an Amazon SKU Label to Your Inventory
Inventory Packaging | Preparation for Shipment
Seal, Label & Ship Your Inventory Using Your Selected Amazon Partnered Carrier
Shipping Inventory | Summary Action Steps
Shipping Inventory Section [Quiz]
1 question

Setup Your Amazon Product Listing :
Amazon Product Listing Overview
Product Photos for Your Listing | How to Take or Hire a Photographer
Remove Background From Photos - Photo Editing for Amazon
Keyword Research | Create Your Keyword List
Amazon Listing Setup | Keywords & Copy
Amazon Listing Copy & Bullet Points [Template w/ HTML]
Amazon Brand Registry | Register Your Brand
Amazon Listing Setup | Summary Action Steps
Amazon Listing Setup [Quiz]
1 question

Launching & Getting Reviews | Social Proof :
Product Launch & Getting Reviews Overview
My Amazon Product Update | Reviews & BSR
The Amazon Seller App | Seller Tools
Getting Customer Reviews | Social Proof on Amazon
New Review Rules | Amazon Vine Program
How to Setup Coupon Codes for Product Promotion
How to Setup a Coupon Code Promotions on Amazon | Follow Instructions
Listing Maintenance | Adding More Inventory & Products
Product Launch & Reviews | Summary Action Steps

Amazon PPC & Product Promotions | Automatic & Manual PPC Campaigns :
Amazon PPC | Campaign Overview
Auto Campaign | Create Your Amazon Auto PPC Campaign
Download & Analyze Your Amazon PPC Report Data
Manual Campaign | Use Auto Campaign Data to Create a Manual PPC Campaign

Thank You for Joining the Private Label Products | Masterclass 2017 :
Seller University | Education for Selling on Amazon
Thank's for Joining!