Udemy Laravel & Realtime: Build Several Realtime Apps with Laravel

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
About the instructor and what you will learn
About the course and what you will achieve
Understanding messages broadcasting on realtime
How to Ask Questions
The development environment to use

Starting with the Laravel Structure to Create Realtime Applications with Laravel :
Obtaining and Preparing the Laravel Structure Using Composer
The source code of the course
Adding Laravel UI and Generating Some Useful Components
Compiling Some Required Components Using NPM
Exploring the Way as Laravel Mix Works in Laravel

Configuring Laravel to Handle Events and Messages on Realtime :
Getting Ready to Use Pusher as the Realtime Service on Laravel
Installing and Preparing Laravel Echo to Broadcast Messages

Creating Your First Realtime Notifications System with Laravel :
Adding a Generic Component to Show Notifications in Laravel
Creating an Event to Notify Users’ Session Changes
Using Laravel Listeners to Broadcast Changes on Users’ Session
Showing the Notification on Realtime Using Laravel Echo
Broadcasting the Event Only to Authenticated Users

Creating a Realtime API with Laravel :
Implementing the Actions Over a Resource to Broadcast
Showing the List of User to Manipulate It on Realtime
Creating the Events to Indicate Changes on Users
Broadcasting the Events Over Users on Realtime
Showing the Changes on the Users’ List on Realtime

Creating a Realtime Game with Laravel Echo :
Adding the Visual Components of the Realtime Game
Creating the Events of the Game to Broadcast
Creating a Command to Broadcast Game Events on Realtime
Showing Events to Players in Realtime with Laravel Echo

Creating a Chat Room Using Realtime Messages with Laravel Echo :
Creating Visual Components to Send Messages in Realtime
Managing the List of Connected Users in Realtime
Creating an Event on Sending Messages in the Chat
Broadcasting the Event Created When Sending a Message
Showing the Broadcasted Messages to All Users

Allowing to Send Private Events in Realtime with Laravel Echo :
Adding Components to Allow Events Between Users
Creating and Broadcasting an Event Using a Private Channel
Showing the Private Events Only to the Receiver and Sender
Adding, Configuring and Using Your Own WebSockets Server
Creating a New Laravel Project for The WebSockets Server
Adding Laravel WebSockets to The Project
Configuring an Application in the Laravel WebSockets Server
Using Your Own WebSockets Server from your Laravel Project
Checking the Laravel WebSockets Statistics

Deploying Laravel WebSockets on a Server :
Cloning and Deploying the Laravel WebSockets Project
Using Supervisor to Execute the WebSockets Server
Configuring a Reversed Proxy for the WebSockets Server
Using the New Server in the Laravel Realtime Application

Securing the Connections to the Laravel WebSockets Server :
Accepting HTTP Connections for the Laravel WebSockets Project
Generating SSL Certificates for the Laravel WebSockets Server
Establishing Secure Connections to the Laravel WebSockets Server

Conclusions and Recommendations :
The Essence of the Realtime Application with Laravel
Bonus Class
Pending Topics

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