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Laravel 5.6 masterclass – very comprehensive – 125 videos!

Introduction :
Entity Relationship Analysis
Important Laravel resources
installing wampserver
download laravel
setup laravel
What is MVC?
laravel MVC folder structure
run migrations
run laravel Auth

create a facebook app
setup laravel socialite
complete socialite setup
solve facebook login error
fix facebook https error using ngrok
complete facebook app setup
get data from facebook
implement facebook login.
redirect registration page to login
Laravel socialite login implementation for LinkedIn, google, twitter and github

Laravel 5.6 Migrations :
Read more on migrations using Laravel
create roles migration
create nominations migration
create categories migration
create nomination_user migration
run migration

Generator :
install laravel generator
complete laravel generator installation

Scaffolding :
login using laravel facebook
add profile picture
scaffold categories
scaffold the remaining tables
fix the menu

Middlewares :
how to create middleware
create further middlewares
routes for categories and nominations
test routes

Blade templating :
fix categories
design user profile page
finish user profile
fixing the category page
install tabs for nomination and voting
hide nomination field
number of nominations
making nomination tab active
join table explanation
track number of nominations using nomination_user
check if record exists in the database
display form only if user has not nominated before
display nomination photocard
finish up nomination photo card
fixing middleware routing
download date time picker
setup date time picker
test date time picker
finish setting index page
fix categories routes for admin
fix nomination tab
fix middleware errors

Nominees :
how to debug a laravel code
display selected nominees
hide unselected nominees
set selected to yes instead of 1
add dividers to menu
recap of the strategy
understanding bootstrap tabs
fix tab display inconsistencies continued
finish up post cards
set admin selection category drowpdown
redesign the selected candidates card
fix nomination redirect

Voting :
add voting button.
add voting route
create voting and update nomination
display vote count
voters can only vote once
remove voting tab
check nomination status

Roles :
change default page after login
create roles drop down
admin user list
hide all fields except role dropdown

Pagination and data tables :
creating data tables
enable data tables

Time management with Carbon :
install Carbon for time management
setup carbon and find date range
how to share data to all views
check if nomination or voting period
displaying tabs according to voting and nomination periods
display nomination and voting periods

Image upload and display :
add fields for image upload
create image upload form
how to upload an image
image upload model for nominations
create image upload code for nominations
fix nomination image upload
fix image upload for nominations
fix image display error

Voter template; How to install new template in Laravel :
download voter template
import template header
create login page
add login button
create election categories blade
add choose category option
create election nomination template
display nomination image
add min height and min width to nomination images
vote a candidate
add voting button
add voted button
add nomination form
create nomination form fields
make nomination form work
create nomination view post card
Display only selected candidates
fix pagination footer
fix next and previous pagination
add the top nav
eliminate the home route

Icons and backgrounds :
add icons
add more icons
Add signout button
create a transparent background
change background image
add social media icons
enable multiple nominates for admin