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Laravel 5.5 for beginners – Become a Master Developer!

Introduction and Setup :
Setup your Laravel environment
How to install laravel 5.5
How to spin up a webserver in laravel
Understanding Laravel 5.5 folder structure
Creating a user authentication system
Testing user registration and signup
Test your understanding of laravel so far
3 questions

Migrations in Laravel 5.5 :
How to create migrations in laravel 5.5
Tasks migration
Projects migration
Polymorphic relationships in migrations
Roles migration
Many to many relationships in migrations
How to fix specified key too long error

Database Relationships in Laravel 5.5 :
What is MVC in Laravel 5.5?
What are fillable fields?
How to define database relationships
Many to many relationships explained

Creating controllers and views :
How to create controllers with resource
Creating more controllers
How to retrieve list of companies
Create companies index blade
How to retrieve list of items in laravel
How to retrieve a single record from the database
How to display a single item in laravel
How to display has many relationships in laravel
How to add side menu in laravel

Updating the database :
Mobile responsive design approach
how to create links and display pages
How to create forms in laravel
How to update database in laravel
How to set session flash messages in laravel
fixing success flash message not showing

Advanced CRUD in Laravel :
How to create delete link in laravel
How to write the delete function in laravel
Link to create new companies
how to create new item in database in laravel
how to save data in database in laravel
How to add more items to navigation menu
How to get companies created by a certain user
How to pass optional parameters in laravel
Fixing the error in the past video
how to group routes under auth
access logged in user details from blade

Polymorphic relationships :
Specifying Polymorphic Relationships
creating the add comment form
save comments to database and redirect to previous page
fix errors on projects index.mp4
dynamic select drop down
fix projects create page
polymorphic relationship not working - fixed
How to retrieve extra tables from polymorphic relationships
How to include custom codes in partials folder
How to add icons to blade

User roles and access control :
How to create user roles in laravel
How to setup role menu
create add email form
named parameters and routes
add user method
this page has expired due to inactivity
preventing duplicate record in the database
Bonus video: Some channel links

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