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Landscape Photography: You Can Take Your Own Stunning Photos

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Introduction :
Welcome to Landscape Photography
Landscape Photo Competition Rules & Info
Our 10 Landscape Photography Commandments
What is Landscape Photography to Us & How to Compose Great Landscape Photos
DOWNLOAD: Beginner's Guide to Photography

Preparation: Gear & Basics :
Basic Photography Gear for Landscape Photography
Planning Your Trip
DOWNLOAD: "Don't Forget Me" Landscape Photography Checklist
OPTIONAL Refresher: Setting Refresher

Landscape Photography Demonstrations: Sunrise to Sunset :
Shooting Sunrise Photos
What's in Our Bags?
Phil & Sam Go Over the Basics
How to Shoot Panoramas
Using a Polarizer Filter
Wide vs. Telephoto Shots
Sunset Photos

Editing Landscape Photos :
Intro to Editing
OPTIONAL: Adobe Lightroom Refresher
Basic Landscape Photo Editing
Quickly Straighten Horizons with the Level Tool
Removing Objects from the Sky in Photoshop (like Chemtrails)
Using Gradient Filters to Improve Skies
Phil's Editing Workflow - in Lightroom
Sam's Editing Workflow - in Lightroom
Will's Editing Workflow - in Photoshop
Phil, Will, & Sam Edit the Same Photo!
Sam Edits a Sunrise Photo
HDR Photography Tutorial: Blending Together Multiple Photos
Stitching Together a Panorama in Lightroom
Stitching Together a Panorama in Photoshop
Exporting Photos: For Posting Online & For Printing
CHEAT SHEET: Photo Export Settings

Conclusion :
Post 3 Landscape Photos
Landscape Photography Quiz
4 questions
Thank You & What's Next?

Bonus Lectures & Student Q&A :
Using a Lens Hood
Purchasing Tripods, Monopods, and Gorillapods
Daytime Long Exposures