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Kubernetes : Kubernetes Docker Swarm for DevOps

Course Introduction :
This Course Introduction & RoadMap
Kubernetes Course Resources: Git Location

Set-Up Docker on Local Machine :
Docker Editions
Install Docker on Various Platforms: Text Direction
Docker on Windows
Text Direction: Docker on Windows
Docker on Mac Machine
Create Machine on Cloud
Text Direction : Create Machine on Cloud
Docker for Linux
Text Direction: Docker for Linux
Terminal Shell and Tab Completion for Docker CLI

Creating Docker Containers : Start Like a Beginner :
Check Docker Install and Configurations
Run Your First Container
Stop-Remove the Containers
Docker Internal Processing
Containers vs Virtual Machines
Assignment : Manage Multiple Containers
Assignment Answer : Manage Multiple Containers

Use Docker Containers : Advance :
Docker CLI Monitoring
Start Container in Interactive Mode
Run Commands in Running Containers

Docker Networking :
Docker Network : Introduction
Explore Container Networks
Docker Network CLI : List & Inspect
Docker Network : Create, Connect & Disconnect Network
Docker Network : DNS Concept

Docker Container Images : Beginning :
What is Docker Image
Docker Hub Repository
Concept of Docker Image Layers
Docker Image Tagging
Upload Docker Image to Cloud

Docker Container Images : Build Images :
Dockerfile Basics
Docker File Instructions
Create Custom Docker Image
Extend Official Docker Image
Assignment : Build Docker Image
Assignment Answer : Build Docker Image

Docker Containers : Manage Data :
Persistent Data Problem
Persistent Data : Data Volumes
Persistent Data : Bind Mounts
Assignment : Data Volumes
Assignment Answer : Data Volumes
Assignment : Bind Mounts
Assignment Answer : Bind Mount

Docker Compose : Multi Container Tool :
Docker Compose Introduction
Docker Compose YML File
Run MYSQL & WORDPRESS via Docker Compose
Docker Compose : Build Application From Scratch

Docker Swarm Introduction: Swarm Orchestration :
Docker Swarm Introduction: Swarm Orchestration
Create Swarm Terminology
Create Service on Docker Swarm
Create Docker Swarm Cluster
Text Direction : SetUp Docker on Swarm Docker Nodes

Docker Swarm Features and Applications :
Networks in Docker Swarm
Docker Swarm Traffic Management
Assignment : Deploy Multi-Node Application in Docker Swarm
Assignment Answer : Create Multi Node Service

Docker Swarm Stack Deployment : Multi Service Deployment :
Docker Swarm Stacks
Docker Swarm Stack : Scale Application
Docker Swarm : Persistent Data Issue in Distributed Application
Swarm : Deploy Distributed Application

Docker Swarm Secrets Management : Protect Sensitive Data :
Docker Swarm Secrets Introduction
Create Docker Service with Secrets
Deploy Stack with Swarm Secrets

Docker Swarm Service Management :
ZeroDowntime Service Upgrade
HealthCheck in Docker Swarm
Container Placement in Docker Swarm
Service Constraints in YML File

Get Started with Kubernetes :
Kubernetes Introduction & Uses
Kubernetes Architecture
Orchestration Giants : Kubernetes vs Docker Swarm

Setting-Up Kubernetes on local :
Kubernetes SetUp
SetUp Kubernetes with MiniKube
Text Direction : SetUp Kubernetes with MiniKube

SetUp Kubernetes on AWS Cloud :
Kops Introduction
Prepare AWS Environment for Kops
Text Direction : Prepare AWS Environment for Kops
Kubernetes Setup on AWS Cloud
Text Direction : Kubernetes SetUp on AWS Cloud
Build and Push Docker Custom Image
Run First Custom Image on Local Kubernetes
Text Direction: Run First Custom Image on Local Kubernetes
Run Custom Image on AWS Kubernetes
Text Direction : Run Custom Image on AWS Kubernetes

SetUp Kubernetes on Google Cloud :
SetUp Kubernetes on GCP Cloud
Text Direction : SetUp Kubernetes on GCP Cloud
Run Custom Image on GCP Kubernetes
Text Direction : Run Custom Image on GCP Kubernetes

Basics of Kubernetes Part I :
Kubernetes Node Workflow
Scaling Pods in Kubernetes
Lab: Scaling Pods in Kubernetes with Replication Controller
Replica Set in Kubernetes
Deployment in Kubernetes
Lab : Deployment in Kubernetes

Basics of Kubernetes Part II :
Services in Kubernetes
Lab : Services in Kubernetes
Labels in Kubernetes
Lab : Labels in Kubernetes
Liveness(HealthCheck) of Application in Kubernetes
Demo Liveness(HealthCheck) of Application in Kubernetes
Readiness in Kubernetes & Application
Lifecycle Of Pods in Kubernetes
Secrets in Kubernetes
Lab Secrets in Kubernetes

Kubernetes Advanced Part I :
Service Discovery using DNS
Lab : Service Discovery using DNS
ConfigMap in Kubernetes
Lab ConfigMap in Kubernetes
Ingress in Kubernetes
Lab Ingress in Kubernetes

Kubernetes Advance Part II :
Volume in Kubernetes
EmptyDir Volume in Kubernetes
HostPath Volume in Kubernetes
Dynamic Volume Provisioning in Kubernetes
Dynamic Volume : Run WordPress On Kubernetes
Text Direction : Run WordPress On Kubernetes

Kubernetes Advance Part III :
Pod Presets in Kubernets
Enable and Execute PodPrests in Kubernetes
StateFul Sets in Kubernetes
Deploy Cassandra In StateFul Set
DaemonSet In Kubernetes
Demo: DaemonSet In Kubernetes

Kubernetes Advance Part IV :
AutoScaling in Kubernetes
Demo AutoScaling in Kubernetes
Commands : Demo AutoScaling in Kubernetes
Affinity in Kubernetes
Demo Affinity in Kubernetes

Kubernetes Administration Part I :
Architecture and Working Model Of Master Component
Manage Resource Quota in Kubernetes
Resource Quota in Kubernetes
Demo: Resource Quota in Kubernetes
User Management in Kubernetes
Role Base Access Control
Role Base Access Control Implementation

Kubernetes Administration Part II :
Networking in Kubernetes
Node Management
Kubernetes In Production : High Availability
Demo : Kubernetes HA Deployment

Package & Deploy on Kubernetes : HELM :
HELM : Introduction
Installing and Running HELM on Kubernetes
Text Direction : Installing and Running HELM on Kubernetes
Create & Deploy HELM Chart on Cluster
Text Direction : Create & Deploy HELM Chart on Cluster
Upload HELM Chart in S3 Bucket
Text Direction : Upload HELM Chart in S3 Bucket

Serverless Functions on Kubernetes :
What is Serverless in Kubernetes
Kubeless Intro
Install Kubeless and Deploy Functions

Micro Services in Kubernetes :
Introduction to Istio
Install Istio on Kubernetes
Text Direction : Install Istio on Kubernetes
Demo: Istio Enabled Application
Canary Deployments With Istio
Istio Retry Policy and Uses

Thank You All :
Thanks All, Download the Certificate