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Keynote: the making of a presentation!

Introduction :

Keynote Overview :
What will we do?
Create a New File
Basic Tools P1
Basic Tools P2

Presentation Topic :
What will we do?
Why we chose this topic
The 7 Questions
Own your topic!
The 7 Questions
7 questions

Slides Scheme :
What will we do?
How do I want my Presentation to be?
Course Presentation Features
How to make a Slideshow Scheme

Slides Creation :
What will we do?
Slides Creation P1
Slides Creation P2

Pictures and Text :
What will we do?
Text Introduction
Text Add P1
Text Add P2
Bonus on Pictures
Picture Add P1 + P2
Symbols and Adjustments

Animations :
What will we do?
Animations Introduction
Slide Animations
Object Animations P1 + P2

Exporting :
What will we do?
Exporting: Quicktime, PowerPoint and PDF

Final Result :
Final Result
Final Result + Music (Bonus)
Share your "a little bit of Keynote Presentation"!